DBT Skills For Addiction Recovery

DBT Skills

DBT skills are therapeutic coping tools for individuals undergoing dialectical behavior therapy in drug and alcohol treatment. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of psychotherapy that’s widely used in mental health and addiction treatment. This therapeutic approach helps people manage distress and develop healthy coping skills through mindfulness, emotion regulation skills, and interpersonal work. Dialectical […]

10 Benefits of Music Therapy in Recovery


Music is powerful, it has the ability to transform or enhance your mood, among many other benefits. At Royal Life Centers, we offer music therapy for addiction treatment.  Royal Life Centers takes a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit. We believe in the power of music, and encourage all avenues of healing. We […]

Group Therapy: What Do Groups Provide?

what do groups provide? - group therapy - recovery groups - recovery group - addiction recovery support groups - addiction recovery support

Group therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. Recovery groups provide what all human beings need—and what chemically dependent people need more than anyone: recognition by others of their humanness, affirmation of their value as human beings, and validation of their feelings. In a group setting, people are able to share more openly […]

Beyond Zoning Out: How to Get Someone Out of a Dissociative State

Dissociation disconnected from reality

Often during addiction treatment, guests will face many emotions and thoughts that they haven’t in years. One of the greatest gifts of sobriety is your clarity of mind, but being lucid can also feel like a curse if you are overwhelmed with facing the repressed feelings that are resurfacing now that you’re sober. One defense […]

What Does My Childhood Have to do with My Drug Addiction?

childhood trauma and addiction

Children learn how to live as they grow up. Children learn dynamics and how to do many things, including: how the world is, how to express emotion, how to communicate, how to behave, and how to cope. There are many factors that influence a child’s ability to do learn, what the child learns, and how […]

Is Your Family Dysfunctional? How to Understand Dysfunction in Addiction Recovery

At Royal Life Centers, our intensive therapy will treat addiction and help to heal any unresolved feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. We understand that many of our guests may come from a family history of alcoholism or addiction, which is why our staff of therapists will help you explore each aspect of your life, including your […]

20 Prompts for Journaling in an Addiction Treatment Center


Journaling is a therapeutic activity that’s actually used in our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. Journaling is the perfect therapeutic activity to complement our forms of intensive therapy at Royal Life Centers.Through journaling, guests are able to better connect with their emotions, record how they feel and react in the moment, and it provides introspective reflection. […]

10 Ways Adventure Therapy Works

adventure therapy

Addiction treatment should involve intensive therapy, but also provide therapeutic activities that allow guests to discover the things that bring them happiness. Royal Life Centers believes in the power of nature, which is why we provide adventure therapy to help our guests heal on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Royal Life Centers provides comprehensive […]

20 Ways Art in Recovery Can Help You Heal

ART therapy

Art is therapeutic in each stage of the creative process. Art therapy is extremely beneficial for those who are treating their substance use disorder or alcohol use disorders. Royal Life Centers uses art therapy for addiction treatment, because of its ability to provide insight and clarity to our guests. Art covers a wide range of […]

30 Therapeutic Activities To Do in Recovery

30 therapeutic activities

Some common activities have a massive therapeutic value, making them an excellent resource to use when you are going through addiction treatment. You can practice activities as a way to connect with yourself, your feelings, and those around you. Using skills learned in our treatment options can make the difference in short term vs. long […]