Big Pharma Company Files For Bankruptcy?

opioid crisis - justice

Last month, we reported that Insys Therapeutics executives were facing major criminal charges. Insys Therapeutics is a part of Big Pharma, a term used to label the biggest pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, distributers, and coincidentally some of the biggest players in the current opioid crisis. Now, Insys Therapeutics is filing for bankruptcy, amidst handling the legal […]

Pressed: Counterfeit Pills Causing Overdoses Around the U.S.

counterfeit prescription pills - pressed pills - danger - counterfeit pressed pills

The iconic performer Prince passed away in April of 2016 after taking a counterfeit Vicodin pill, pressed with the synthetic opioid fentanyl. Seeing as today would have been Prince’s 60th birthday, we thought we would bring attention to the dangers of counterfeit pills— just like the pills that claimed Prince’s life and many others. Prince […]

Does the Legality of Purchasing Syringes Enable IV Drug Use?

IV drug users - enabling intravenous drug use - IV drug use - safe injection sites - syringe exchange programs - pharmacy sales of syringes - syringes sold without a prescription - syringe service programs

As we know, IV or intravenous drug use is by far the most dangerous way to use drugs. IV drug use is dangerous because it is the quickest way for drugs to be absorbed into the blood stream, it is the most powerful in its effect, it is the easiest way to overdose— as potency […]

Eminem’s Recovery Process Through His Albums

It’s no secret that Detroit’s finest rapper, Eminem, has struggled with addiction. As the 10 year anniversary of Eminem’s album “Relapse” just passed a few days ago, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look at how Eminem has changed from “Relapse” to “Recovery” and explore his thoughts and feelings through his […]

Murder Charges for your Local Drug Dealer

opioid crisis- criminal charges- drug dealers charged with murder

Recently, we have seen headlines across the United States implicating local drug dealers for their part in drug overdoses. In various states, small time drug dealers are catching a murder charge for selling people the drugs that would eventually cause their overdose. Is this fair? “…from 2011 to 2016, the number of news stories about […]

Outrageous Incentives and Behaviors of Doctors: What You Didn’t Know About The Opioid Crisis

Recently, we’ve reported about the criminal justice system targeting more prominent (and overlooked) players in the opioid crisis. Your local drug dealer didn’t have nearly the same impact or reach that major pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and doctors had. Today we’re going to touch on the careless and shocking misconduct of doctors around the country, using […]

From Social Networks to Drug Networks: Using Apps to Deal Drugs

what does sqc stand for on a bank statement - cashapp - cash app - drug dealing over apps - social media apps aid addiction - drug rehab lacey wa - drug rehab - rehab lacey wa - rehab prescott az - rehab mead wa - rehab sumner wa - rehab spokane wa

Have social networking apps become apps to deal drugs? As the world adjusts to burgeoning technological advances, the way we communicate continues to be revolutionized. Younger generations have grown accustomed to communicating mostly through text, instead of oral communication. Regular conversations are far and few between as a greater online presence is nearly demanded. Networking […]

Manufacturing Lethal Chemicals in Bulk: China and the Current War on Drugs

Chinas major synthetic drug dealers

Mass Production China is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of raw pharmaceutical ingredients. China is also the leader in manufacturing harmful chemical compounds that are sold as synthetic drugs. Because of e-commerce capabilities on an international scale, manufacturers can produce and sell synthetic drugs in bulk. Synthetic drugs being mass-produced in China […]

Testing Illicit Drugs at Music Festivals: Harmful or Helpful?

What are Festivals? Festivals are large outdoor concerts, usually having an extensive line-up of musical performances by a number of artists and bands. Music festival culture is very much so associated with drug use, as festivals have their very own type of drug culture. Many people associate music festivals with the drugs molly, MDMA, ketamine, […]