A Guide to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

a guide to rehab

The path to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be a long, difficult one—but you don’t have to do it alone. With the right help and support, you can find the strength to put your life back on track. This guide to rehab is here to provide information about the different steps of rehabilitation […]

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorder

Royal Life Centers focuses on wellness at the mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Our addiction treatment process always begins with an assessment and evaluation, where guests will be assessed for their symptoms of withdrawal and undergo a clinical evaluation for any possibleco-occurring disorders. The term co-occurring disorders are treated through dual diagnosis treatment What Are […]

Stuff I Learned in AA: How To Live a Sober Life

how to live a sober life - stuff I learned in AA - alcoholics anonymous

AA, or Alcoholic’s Anonymous, is a very popular program of recovery. AA is a 12-step program, meaning you follow or “work” the 12-steps of Alcoholic’s Anonymous upon entrance into the program. The 12-steps are your guide to recovering from alcoholism. Being in this program of recovery, I’ve learned a great deal about myself and the […]

Should I Be Anonymous?

anonymity - disclosing you are in recovery

Your anonymity is a personal choice. Someone else’s anonymity is not your choice. You have absolutely no right to “out” someone else’s sobriety, clean time, recovery or whatever you want to call it. You have no right to claim they relapsed or judge the state of their recovery. This includes celebrities, politicians, public figures, it […]

The Atheist and the 12 Steps

12-steps - recovery - atheism and recovery

First, I should tell you that I’m a lifelong atheist and I am 10 years sober with the help of a 12-step fellowship. (notice I’m not saying I’m a member or representative of any single fellowship or group in that fellowship, as that would be a tradition violation). I went to 30 days of inpatient […]

Group Therapy: What Do Groups Provide?

what do groups provide? - group therapy - recovery groups - recovery group - addiction recovery support groups - addiction recovery support

Group therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. Recovery groups provide what all human beings need—and what chemically dependent people need more than anyone: recognition by others of their humanness, affirmation of their value as human beings, and validation of their feelings. In a group setting, people are able to share more openly […]

A How-to Guide: Set your Recovery Up for Success

recovery - set yourself up for success - addiction recovery - sober support network - meetings - reach out for help

Generally speaking, the goal for anyone in recovery is to maintain their sobriety for the long-term. Everyone knows that it begins with stopping the addictive substances, but how do we continue to be successful in the long-term? Setting yourself up for success early on is extremely important when it comes to recovery, but it’s not […]

Everything You Need to Know About AA: A Beginner’s Guide

AA - alcoholics anonymous - program of recovery - 12 step program - 12-steps - the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous - 12step groups

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA, is the de facto 12-step fellowship for those recovering from substance use disorder, alcoholism and addiction. Exposure to the fellowship usually begins in treatment, and for good reason. AA has been around since 1935 and has helped millions of alcoholics and addicts get and stay sober. In a modern world of […]

10 Ways to Fellowship After a Meeting

how to fellowship - fellowshipping - the meeting after the meeting - the meeting before the meeting - fellowship - fellowshipping

Anyone who has been a part of a 12-step fellowship knows, there is far more to the typical hour-long meeting. There is the customary hour-long meeting of course, where you might hear a speaker or perhaps share on a topic as a group. However, the real fellowship comes alive during the meeting after the meeting, […]

The Gifts of Addiction Recovery

Recovery is marked by changes. Transformative changes. Basically, in recovery, you are re-learning how to live— you are building a new lifestyle that is free from the constraints of drugs and alcohol. In recovery, you will be discovering more and more about yourself and your character, goal-setting, and taking in different coping skills and tools […]