A Guide to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

a guide to rehab

The path to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be a long, difficult one—but you don’t have to do it alone. With the right help and support, you can find the strength to put your life back on track. This guide to rehab is here to provide information about the different steps of rehabilitation […]

10 Benefits of Music Therapy in Recovery


Music is powerful, it has the ability to transform or enhance your mood, among many other benefits. At Royal Life Centers, we offer music therapy for addiction treatment.  Royal Life Centers takes a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit. We believe in the power of music, and encourage all avenues of healing. We […]

Group Therapy: What Do Groups Provide?

what do groups provide? - group therapy - recovery groups - recovery group - addiction recovery support groups - addiction recovery support

Group therapy is an essential part of the recovery process. Recovery groups provide what all human beings need—and what chemically dependent people need more than anyone: recognition by others of their humanness, affirmation of their value as human beings, and validation of their feelings. In a group setting, people are able to share more openly […]

A How-to Guide: Set your Recovery Up for Success

recovery - set yourself up for success - addiction recovery - sober support network - meetings - reach out for help

Generally speaking, the goal for anyone in recovery is to maintain their sobriety for the long-term. Everyone knows that it begins with stopping the addictive substances, but how do we continue to be successful in the long-term? Setting yourself up for success early on is extremely important when it comes to recovery, but it’s not […]

Losing Your Balance: How Addiction Affects Dopamine in Your Brain

Losing your balance dopamine in the brain

Why We Didn’t Understand the Dopamine-Addiction Connection Before? Most addiction neuropsychiatry researchers are likely to be awkward if not inadequate substitute elementary school teachers and elementary school teachers are likely to be awkward if not inadequate addiction neuropsychiatry research temps. Each of these two disciplines collectively conceptualizes the dopamine-addiction connection in a similar descriptive manner […]

The Only Web You’ll Want to Spin: Having a Support System in Early Recovery

support network - sober support - support system

Let’s face it, in active addiction, you probably didn’t care so much about letting people into your life, mostly because it was just another person to hide your use from. As alcoholics and addicts, keeping people at a distance was the way you operated. As a result of your alcoholism or drug addiction, your interpersonal […]

How To Organize Your Thoughts in Addiction Treatment

During addiction treatment, you will experience a volume of thoughts and feelings following the experience of getting back a clear mind. One of the best gifts in sobriety is gaining clarity. With a clear mind, you are now able to think and feel clearly, which will provide you with the opportunity to make positive changes. […]

How To Overcome Cravings: A Step-by-Step Guide

Recovery holds some hardships, as you are on your way to rebuilding your life and the way that you’re living. Addiction recovery makes a drug or alcohol free life easier to live than your old life, which is why the changes you make in treatment will have lasting benefits.During addiction treatment and during recovery, you […]

Crystallized: the Concrete Stigma and Challenges in Treating Meth Addiction

Meth addicts are perhaps the most stigmatized, and the least understood substance abusers when it comes to addiction. Those addicted to meth are often seen as dangerous, crazy, reckless, violent, erratic, and beyond help; giving others the impression that recovery from methamphetamine is not likely. These perceptions of meth leave users crystallized in their ways, […]

Aftercare: Benefits of Continued Addiction Treatment

Recovery from drugs or alcohol will occur in stages, as recovery is a process. Aftercare is made up of addiction treatment programs that come later in your recovery process, once you have gotten through the initial period of early recovery. Aftercare is less structured and more flexible, and is aimed to allow guests to really […]