100 Positive Affirmations to Use in Drug Addiction Treatment

positive affirmations

Through out the recovery process, it is extremely important to focus on the positive aspects of yourself and your situation. Drug addiction treatment can bring a lot of emotional struggles, as part of recovering from drugs and alcohol involves recovering from the emotional impact that an alcohol or substance use disorder has. In recovery, you […]

How To Be Angry in a Healthy Way in Drug Rehabilitation


Getting angry is embedded in your brain, and most of the time your anger is a bad habit because it doesn’t end or solve a problem productively. Do You Have Anger Problems? No one wants to be told they’re an angry person, and although you may escalate into anger very quickly, that does not make […]

What is an 'Emotional-Hangover' in Drug Rehab?

Royal Life Centers offers comprehensive addiction treatment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Our treatment centers provide intensive therapies to uncover the root cause of alcohol or substance use disorders, with behavioral therapies that focus on giving guests the skill set and tools they need to rebuild their lives in a happy, healthy, meaningful, and […]

The Cycle of Toxic Behaviors in Addiction

toxic behavior

Recovery from addiction is much more than just putting down the drink or drug. You need to work on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors surrounding drug or alcohol abuse in order to fully recover. Many addicts and alcohols rid the substance of their choice from their bodies, but will still perpetuate toxic behaviors. Addiction treatment […]

Impulsiveness and Substance Abuse

impulse and addiction

Being impulsive and using drugs or alcohol go hand-in-hand. The definition of impulsivity, as defined by the Neurocircuitry of Addiction, is “acting quickly and without adequate thought or planning in response to internal or external stimuli.” Also, impulsiveness is defined as “a predisposition to accept smaller immediate rewards over larger delayed gratification and an inability […]

Alcoholism: Does Social Anxiety Disorder Increase Your Risk?

social anxiety alcoholism

Royal Life Centers understands that many guests struggle with a dual diagnosis, or another disorder in addition to their alcohol or substance use disorder. Many people drink alcohol heavily, without ever acknowledging a problem, because alcohol is so socially acceptable. An alcohol addiction is unfortunately very common in the United States, and many alcoholics have […]

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness


Comprehensive addiction treatment like the treatment programs we offer at Royal Life Centers can be intensive. We use intensive therapy to treat substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder. It is extremely important in recovery to recognize and process emotions for emotional, spiritual, and mental health. At Royal Life Centers, we encourage healthy habits and […]

30 Therapeutic Activities To Do in Recovery

30 therapeutic activities

Some common activities have a massive therapeutic value, making them an excellent resource to use when you are going through addiction treatment. You can practice activities as a way to connect with yourself, your feelings, and those around you. Using skills learned in our treatment options can make the difference in short term vs. long […]

How to Practice Self-Care in Recovery

In recovery, it is important to take time for self-care. Active addiction often takes the focus off of mental and physical well-being by replacing healthy habits with substance abuse, but it’s easier than you think to incorporate self-care into your daily routine. The importance of checking in with yourself in recovery Self-care is one way […]

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Addiction

There are several mental health disorders that commonly co-occur with substance use disorder— anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder among them. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), about 20 percent of Americans with anxiety or depression have a substance use disorder, and vice versa. Common anxiety disorders include: Acute stress disorder: severe […]