Precipitated Withdrawal

precipitated withdrawal

When an individual is recovering from addiction, experiencing withdrawal is almost inevitable. Withdrawal occurs when a person in recovery suffers a combination of mental and physical side effects after quitting or reducing intake of an addictive substance. Some may also experience an intensified form of withdrawal symptoms in response to the medication prescribed throughout medication-assisted […]

Financial Planning: Building Your First Budget!

financial wellness building your budget

Financial Planning: Building Your First Budget! For many men and women who are recently in recovery or finishing treatment, financial concerns can be high. Stresses from debt, or large bills can cause anxiety which leads down a path of negativity. To help you alleviate these worries, it is our goal to navigate you through the […]

I Can Use Other Stuff as Long as It’s Not My Drug of Choice, Right?

sober - can I use other substances that aren't my drug of choice - doc - drug of choice - i can still drink right?

As an addict myself, I can say that getting sober wasn’t easy. The first couple of times I went to treatment was under threat from my parents, they said I wouldn’t be allowed to live with them anymore if I didn’t go to rehab. So, I went, but staying sober never lasted very long. Fast […]

How to Stay Sober After Rehab

How to stay sober

Rehabilitation is the first step towards a life free from the grip of addiction, but the journey to sobriety doesn’t end there. Staying sober after rehab requires a lifetime commitment to recovery. The thought of permanently committing to a sober lifestyle can be overwhelming, but with dedication and consistency, you’ll find that the power of […]

Building a Sober Lifestyle

building a sober lifestyle - sober lifestyle - sobriety - recovery - living free

Typically, individuals struggle with maintaining a sober lifestyle because humans are creatures of habit. Most people stick to old habits and behaviors because they are comfortable and familiar. For this reason, building this new sober lifestyle can be frustrating and overwhelming for someone new to recovery. It can be a slow process and may require […]

10 Ways to Fellowship After a Meeting

how to fellowship - fellowshipping - the meeting after the meeting - the meeting before the meeting - fellowship - fellowshipping

Anyone who has been a part of a 12-step fellowship knows, there is far more to the typical hour-long meeting. There is the customary hour-long meeting of course, where you might hear a speaker or perhaps share on a topic as a group. However, the real fellowship comes alive during the meeting after the meeting, […]

Detox vs. Recovery

detox - recovery - detox vs. recovery - detox versus recovery - medical detox - drug detox - alcohol detox - living recovery - living in recovery - recovered alcoholic - recovered addict

You’ll Starve If You Just Get Detoxed: You’ll Feast for Life with Recovery Detoxification is like a few small appetizers before a multicourse meal and is very short lived and essentially useless without recovery. Recovery is the antipasto salad, the mixed green salad, the pasta, several entrees, and dessert. Detoxification is a thin slice in time and […]

Being a Parent in Recovery

being a parent in recovery - parent in recovery - parenting - addiction recovery - parental love

Alcoholism and drug abuse have been called “equal opportunity destroyers.” They destroy everybody the touch, without discriminating. But what the touch most powerfully is the family in general and parents specifically. Parents who facilitate or enable their children’s choice to engage in substance use have been called “codependents” by the empress of codependency treatment, Melody […]

The Gifts of Addiction Recovery

Recovery is marked by changes. Transformative changes. Basically, in recovery, you are re-learning how to live— you are building a new lifestyle that is free from the constraints of drugs and alcohol. In recovery, you will be discovering more and more about yourself and your character, goal-setting, and taking in different coping skills and tools […]

The Emotional Spectrum

The emotional spectrum in addiction recovery

Many people feel overwhelmed when it comes to exploring their emotions, as they could feel a million different ways or not able to identify really how they’re feeling. In recovery, one of the greatest gifts (and challenges) is getting our emotions back. Active addiction leaves us in a state of numbness, where we may have […]