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Getting Over The Shame of Relapse

So you've been doing the work. Going to meetings, attending aftercare, and working the steps. You're finally putting some time between you and the last time you picked up alcohol or drugs. Then all of a sudden, without warning—BAM—you're using…

Will My Insurance Pay For Drug Treatment?

Covered By Insurance - Rehab Covered By Insurance - What Insurance Does Royal Life Centers Take? - Health Insurance For Rehab

When it comes time to enter into a drug rehab program or alcohol treatment center, one major consideration is how to pay. There are many available options including loans, payment plans, and private pay, however, the most common form of…

The Economic Cost of Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Addiction and drug overdose is a major public health problem, with preliminary data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing 72,000 overdose deaths last year. Of these deaths, over half involved opioids or synthetic opioids. The…

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