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Sober Living Communities and Programs

Royal Life Centers Sober Living provides a safe, secure, and comfortable sober living community for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Following the successful completion of the 9 week program of Royal Life Centers and having gained employment, you have the opportunity to continue on to our sober living residence. Here you will have access to our resources, activities, amenities, aftercare services, and qualified support staff in order to help you succeed and grow.

Royal Life Centers’ housing consists of three different phases of sober living and structure; as you gain responsibility and confidence in your life and your decisions, we recognize the need for varying levels of freedom and trust. Upon admission to our residential sober living facility, you will be placed at one of our Town Homes on Main Property. For individuals who are further along in life’s journey and are looking for the support and understanding of those who are closer in age, we offer an Adult House residence. Our facilities are in an ideal location for you to begin your clean and sober living experience. Our proximity to what is often called the "Recovery Capital of the World", enables residents to have access to a huge wealth of recovery resources, meetings, and 12-step fellowships.

What To Expect

Very often, individuals feel anxious, fearful, disconnected, and alone when entering a new environment. Each new step on a journey can be difficult and uncomfortable because change, whether positive or negative, is often frightening. Our staff are specially trained and uniquely qualified to help you through your process in order to help you settle into your new sober living residence. Whether it is from personal experience or a deep empathy of how addiction affects loved ones’ lives, our staff members are truly understanding of your struggles. Because of this understanding, many staff members also act as mentors and major supports to residents throughout their journey. Transportation is provided to twelve-step meetings four times per day as all residents are given the opportunity to begin constructing their support network and foundation in recovery.

After spending 9 weeks at Main Property, individuals that are employed are eligible to transition to the Grad Housing. At the Grad Housing, individuals experience more freedom and an extended curfew; accountability is entrusted to each individual in their personal recovery. This is a transition from the traditional sober living community to the gradual responsibility and challenges of living an independent, healthy life in our society. Staff remains readily available to provide support and encouragement during each phase of residency.

We promote social involvement and require fun and laughter. Recovery does not mean living a boring life! We believe that one of the most enjoyable aspects of being clean and sober is the amount of fun residents have. Ask anyone of our successful alumni and they will tell you about the laughs, good times, and fun had while with us. The support, structure, and individualized services provided in treatment must be continued in a safe and serene sober living environment. You have made the brave decision to gain your life back by seeking help. Continue investing in yourself and treat yourself with the love, support, respect, and Royal Services you deserve.

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