"Because We Care"

A Special Message From Frank:

As a real estate investor, I am the landlord of several properties in the Delray Beach, FL community. Over time, many of the properties became rented by individuals who turned them into halfway houses. I was always looking from the outside in and I felt that the residents deserved something better. In September 2009, I took over one of my properties and vowed to change the face of treatment in South Florida. I decided to create a more structured environment that feels like home. I believe in structure, accountability, and rules with consequences. My theory is that if I allow residents to get away with anything, then they believe they can get away with everything. I wanted to provide as many amenities as possible, a luxury environment, to show guests they deserve respect and a place that they are proud of and inspired by. I wanted them to know that they can leave the past behind them. My goal is to help guests see what life is and can be without drugs and alcohol. I am big on resources and activities. Resources help guests get back on their feet again. I want to help guests change their belief that they need a substance in order to have fun. Having fun in recovery is possible.

In 2010 I decided to continue my endeavor to change the experience of treatment and recovery in South Florida and I acquired a detox in Juno Beach, FL. I opened an additional location in Pahokee, FL in 2014. As of April 2015, I am excited to announce that I am expanding my vision and acquiring two additional treatment facilities in South Florida. I am merging all of the facilities together thus creating Royal Life Centers. It is here where guests will be able to receive a comprehensive treatment program at every level of care… detox, residential treatment, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, aftercare, extended care, sober living. There will be no disconnect in the message delivered to guests. You will have one unique, perfectly tailored program. The treatment team, the philosophy, the treatment model, the message is consistent…we believe in our guests, their ability to heal, their right to have a caring, respectful, knowledgeable, and ethical treatment experience. My goal is to provide our guests with the support and motivation they need in order to not only recover, but to build a life they are proud of all the way from their first step into detox to the day they begin the next chapter in their story in sober living.

Lastly, each of my facilites are based upon honesty, respect, and treating people like humans; the same way I expect to be treated. I will not kick guests out in the middle of the night and put them on the street or in a hotel. We will do everything in our power and spend as long as it takes talking to the guest, their family, and coordinating with our other facilities to ensure they are safe and able to take the next step towards sobriety. I have paid for and provided scholarships for numerous guests into detox, treatment, and aftercare programs. The guests and their care are always my top priority. I take no shortcuts when it comes to providing activities, resources, amenities, or any other type of support for my guests. They come first. They will always come first.


Frank X Cid

Frank X Cid, Chief Executive Officer

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