"Because We Care"

 Welcome To Sober Studios at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers created our Sober Studios program to help individuals grow and heal through the power of music and creativity. Our outpatient programs are uniquely tailored for each individual and we truly believe that you personally hold the keys to your own growth and success. For so long we may have lived in dark isolation with nothing but the drugs and depravity filling our lives. The ability of music to aid in our healing and growth is quite powerful, and we give you the tools to create, adapt, and find the power of your voice. Heal, grow, feel, and deal with past experiences through musical expression and experimentation. Below are some examples of projects our alumni have worked on, and some have even found a hidden talent or passion for music that laid dormant for so long. When we asked some of our past guests what their favorite thing was about their experience at Royal Life Centers outpatient treatment was, they were very quick to say our Sober Studios program. One individual had this to say "Sober Studios allowed me to realize that I was passionate about something again, for so long I lived my life in a drug and alcohol induced haze. When I came out of it, I didn’t know who I was. The staff at Royal helped me discover that, and a big part of that discovery process was through some of the work I did in the Sober Studios. I’m not a famous artist or music producer, but it helped me unlock things about myself I didn’t even know."

Original Music Produced At Sober Studios

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