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Royal Life Centers Outpatient Curriculum

Royal Life Centers Outpatient treatment center is one the most established drug and alcohol treatment programs with experience helping people from all walks of life.Our experienced, compassionate, and caring staff are ready to help you develop the life skills to build a healthy clean and sober life worth living. We empower you through a holistic approach to the treatment process and customize an individual treatment plan that is best suited to you and your personal life goals and objectives.Below you will find a sample of some of the therapeutic courses and classes that we offer. Rather than sitting in large group therapy groups that often overlook the individual we take a more personalized approach to outpatient therapy. We believe that you as an individual hold the keys to your own success, and with our Out Patient treatment program you can unlock your full potential. Below we have a sample of programs available. If you have any questions or would like to know more information about our outpatient programs, facility, or staff-pick up the phone and give us a call.

 Experiential Art-Works in Recovery

This class explores different creative art techniques (drawing/painting/sculpting) that clients can use as a therapeutic outlet to express themselves in an abstract manner.

 Yoga for Sustained Recovery

This class focuses on different aspects and practices of yoga that aid in the holistic connection of mind, body, and spirit

 Accupunture: Holistic Healing

This class focuses on the approach of Eastern medicine and healing that incorporates the connection of mind and body in order to bring about relaxation and wellness.

 Healing Through Music:Master Your Song

This class focuses on your individual creativity through the writing of lyrics and production of a track. In this group you are a part of collaboration of talent and are able to express yourself in a musically authentic form.

 Hands on Experimentation: Maintaining Motivation for Sobriety

This class incorporates critical thinking used in our daily lives, as well as working collectively with others. This class challenges how we think in terms of what motivates us and why.

 Change: The Path to Self-Improvement

This class focuses on certain areas of our lives that we want or need to change in order to optimize ourselves. This class will help you explore your thought-process through the stages of change and aid in overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

 Emotion Regulation: Aggression Control Techniques

This class explores anger management techniques to diminish aggression and express emotions in a healthy, assertive, and empowered manner.

 Conflict Resolution: Internal and External Freedom

This class teaches how to resolve conflicts that occur both within individuals and among individuals, particularly in early sobriety, in a healthy non-threatening way.

 Creating Functional Relationship Patterns

This class delves into interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships in order to gain an understanding of personal behavior when relating to members of different sexes, ages, and degrees of emotional intimacy.

 Progress Not Perfection

This class teaches us how to be gentle with ourselves during bumps in the road throughout life’s journey. Emphasis is placed on objectively looking at perceived setbacks in order to move forward, gain wisdom, and let go of self-defeating thoughts that later manifest as behaviors.

 Your Voice, Your Vision: Healing through Creative Expression

This class focuses on engaging the creative side we all possess through collaging, vision boards, creative writing, poetry, and other abstract activities that appeal to the artist within us all.

 Processing Feelings and Emotions: Understanding Self

This class is an open space to process through emotions that arise in situations we encounter in life and mature the filter through which feelings are experienced.

 Tai Chi/Qigong: Improving Your Mind, Mood & Spirit

In this class you will practice the art of Tai Chi and Qigong as a way to improve mood, lift energy, and gain mental clarity.

 Trauma and Transcendence

This class gives an opportunity to learn about different types of trauma, how trauma affects individuals in recovery, and an opportunity for clients to openly process the events that have left a mark on their being.

 Culture: Finding YOUR Identity in Recovery

Sometimes you may lose your sense of self when using drugs and alcohol. This group provides an opportunity to discovery your true, authentic, SOBER self.

 Sages, Secrets and Sacred Texts: Exploring and Defining Your Higher Power

This class provides an educational approach to spirituality and a space to be able to discover your higher power through open discussions, as well as an opportunity to learn about other’s beliefs.

 Taking action: Overcoming Obstacles in the Mind

This class gives a cognitive-behavioral approach to how we perceive problems and different ways to reframe our thought processes so we are better equipped to handle everyday stressors.

 Music, Society & Survival for Recovery: Incorporating Our Society into Sobriety

This class discusses music and how it can be used as a beautifully universal way to connect with others in our society, as well as a coping skill in a variety of situations.

 Getting Comfortable with Feelings to Identify and Prevent Relapse

This class teaches individuals to identify feelings and provides tools to process these emotions in a healthy way, rather than acting out in old patterns of painful behaviors.

 Finding YOUR Path to Purpose and Passion

This class helps individuals discover what they are passionate about and how to incorporate it into their daily lives.

 Recovering with Self-Respect: Honoring My Body and My Recovery

This class provides a safe environment for discussion of a taboo topic that affects the recovery of substance abusers. Clients learn to shift self-destructive patterns into actions that support living a healthy and fulfilling life in sobriety.

 Media Literacy: Realizing the Impact of Media on Recovery

This class explores different types of media that saturates our lives and perceptions and how media affects our conceptions of recovery.

 12 Step Hope in Recovery

This class provides an H&I chairperson and speaker to run an inspirational and enlightening 12-step meeting.

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