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Supporting Your Journey Along The Road To Recovery

Our 9 Week Outpatient Program Consists Of 3 Treatment Phases Designed To Help You Gain The Life You Deserve.

Outpatient Treatment At Royal Life Centers

At Royal Life Centers Outpatient and Residence our primary focus is supporting you through the reintegration stages of your journey along the road to recovery from addiction, co-occurring disorders, maladaptive behaviors, and an unfulfilling lifestyle. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to develop hope, inspiration, and courage to find your passion and reach your goals. We are here to teach you the "How To," not the "Why Not." Traditionally you learn why not to have certain behaviors. We will educate you on how to change certain behaviors as you develop your lifestyle with pride. The common struggle is knowing what to do, but not knowing how to do it. At Royal Life Centers, you will participate in an active learning model that teaches you how to be successful by using the same techniques that taught you complicated tasks such as riding a bike and driving. Just as these skills are now second nature to you, so will become your newly acquired skills in a life of recovery. As alumni of Royal Life Centers, you will be equipped with the skills to begin the life that you have always wanted. Why wait? Become who you really are and start your life today. Royal Life Centers Residence and Outpatient Treatment is a Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) licensed facility in partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP), aftercare, and Residential V treatment.

Our 9 week outpatient program consists of three different treatment phases designed to help you gain the life you deserve. During this process, you will learn to let go of a painful or dissatisfying life in order to redefine yourself and become a productive, passion-fueled member of society. As you start to build a healthy foundation and gain motivation to utilize learned coping skills, you will transition through the phases of our program. Increased freedom often results in new challenges; our therapeutic staff is readily available to support every individual as they progress through the program, encouraging men and women to stay connected and focus on their individual wellness during this shifting period of increased independence. You will learn to cope with your stressors, learn new skills to apply in the real world, and become self-sufficient and productive. Throughout the program transportation is provided from the residence to community 12 step meetings to allow for an increased opportunity to build a sober support network.

Outpatient Treatment Program

 Phase 1
The first three weeks at Royal Life Centers are spent attending six days of treatment per week. You will participate in a hand-selected holistic variety of groups that cater to your individualized outpatient treatment needs, as well as weekly individual therapy and medication management. You are part of your treatment schedule. Rather than the standard philosophy of outpatient treatment where you are placed in PRE-determined, PRE-scheduled group sessions regardless of your specific needs, at Royal Life Centers, there are various treatment tracks that are individualized and specialized for you.
 Phase 2
The second three weeks are spent attending five days of treatment per week. You will continue to participate in a hand-selected holistic variety of groups that cater to your individualized treatment needs, as well as weekly individual therapy and medication management, as needed.
 Phase 3
The final three weeks are spent attending weekly individual therapy as well as life skills and job readiness groups. During this time you will be guided and supported in building a resume, practicing interviewing skills, applying for jobs… all with the goal of obtaining gainful employment.

Throughout all three phases of our program, you will reside at the beautiful Royal Life Centers Residence, the best sober living community in the US. Our belief is that one of the keys to success is mutual community involvement and a sense of belonging. We want you to be proud of where you live, your housemates, and yourself. Being surrounded by people who are positive, supporting, and working hard to achieve many of the same goals as you makes early recovery fun and allows you to thrive. It is our goal to make all of this possible for you. Equipped with luxurious living rooms, spacious master bedrooms, walk-in closets, oversized master bathrooms, and 42” Plasma TVs with cable, all of our recovery residence townhomes provide you a clean, safe, and comfortable space to return to each night.

Our property is monitored by High Definition security cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your safety and staff members are on duty 24 hours a day to provide support. As members of Royal Life Centers Residence, you will experience the highest quality of care, encouragement, and guidance.

Royal Life Centers Residence and Outpatient Treatment is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with not only the tools to build a life of integrity, but also the self-confidence to step into the unknown where growth truly begins. You are promised to complete treatment feeling excited and empowered - prepared for your new life as you master the skills and behaviors necessary to achieve your dreams, passions, and life goals with the skills for life.

Develop your new skills for life. Practice your new skills for life. Live your new skills for life.

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