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Royal Life Centers Addiction Detox Program

Time To DetoxRoyal Life Centers Detox knows that drug and alcohol abuse can cause overwhelming damage and destruction not only to the person suffering from the addiction or alcoholism but also to loved ones, family members, friends, and prevents the addict or alcoholic from having any semblance of a normal life. Very often there are more serious issues in addition to the addiction problem- legal troubles, failing relationships of all kinds, and difficulties with school or employment. Serious health issues and dangers also accompany the drug abuse and misuse lifestyle, and untreated addiction is a primary cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Simply put, active addiction and alcoholism are life threatening and without help the outcomes are usually very bleak. Our inpatient drug detoxification program can change that outcome, and help any individual suffering from a substance abuse problem whatever the substance.

Very often a drug user is more than just physically addicted and willpower alone is not enough to stop using drugs. Qualified, professional medical intervention and help is needed and most addiction experts will recommend a drug detox program. Depending on the drugs or substances being abused not only is it near impossible for the addict to stop using on their own- it can be dangerous to detox or “kick” without proper medical supervision and assistance. Royal Life Centers Detox offers the lifesaving help that someone suffering from an untreated addiction so desperately needs.

Detox For Drugs and Alcohol

At Royal Life Centers Detox we believe in quality guest centered care. We have developed an effective and systematic approach to the detox and stabilization process, and have been a leader in the drug detox and addiction treatment field for years. Our Detox treatment center is staffed by a varied group of medical professionals, certified addiction therapists, psychiatrists, and drug treatment team members. If you or a loved one are currently suffering, we have the experience, resources, and drug detox program that can help.

The most difficult part of the journey is simply admitting the need for treatment and walking through the doors of our detox center. It is often said that a thousand mile journey starts with just one initial step, and once you’ve started the hardest part is over. Going through our detox program is not easy, but you are not alone and we will be with you every step of the way.

Our detox program is based on a clinical assessment and medical protocol, and we make sure to tailor the specifics of the program to each individual’s personal needs and requirements. All of our procedures are designed to safely and effectively taper off of their drugs of choice, while reducing the intense discomfort and pain easing the transition into sobriety. Once admitted to the detox you will be assigned a primary therapist to assist you with all your needs. We have 24 hour nursing staff available with support members around the clock to guarantee access to treatment resources when your primary therapist is unavailable.

Group Therapy SessionsIn addition to making sure you are medically safe while in detox we recognize that addiction is more than just the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Very often addicts and alcoholics are having trouble in many more areas of life and lack the coping skills to deal with the trauma and stress of those challenges. To address the underlying and deep-seated issues surrounding addiction, we have a number of differing types of group therapy programs. These detox group therapy sessions, in addition to the one on one counseling each patient receives, address different topics like Sober Living Skills, staying clean outside of treatment, relapse prevention and awareness, and prepare you for the next phase in your individual treatment plan.

Certified Detox Program

Our detox is a closed facility which enables patients to recover in a safe, secure, and supervised environment. Not having visitors during your stay both allows you focus on getting better and treatment, and we find this increases guest success. We have medical staff and nurses overseeing the medical aspects of the program while certified behavioral health technicians are monitoring and assisting you throughout your entire stay. We have cameras throughout the facility as your safety and security are our utmost priority.

With our comprehensive drug detox program we are certain that we can help you gain your life back, and return to being a productive member of society. We have helped countless men and women recover from the debilitating damages of drug abuse, and we can help you as well. There is no need to continue living in the pain and darkness of active drug or alcohol addiction, call us today and find out how to start the first day of the rest of your life.

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